3 comments on “How I Lost 65 Pounds in Less Than 6 Months: Learning and Applying

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your story! It is so similar to my own, that my jaw is still dropped after reading this!! I began my journey on 12/12/2011 and have lost 53 lbs to date. This journey has been one of the toughest hurdles in my life so far, but I’m looking forward and staying focused and positive (even when I mess up). And you are absolutely right. Positive influences are key. The love and support of family, friends and co-workers are keeping me in the fight too. I love having other people to share this journey and newfound happiness with. Thanks again for sharing. I’m following your blog, and I hope to be of as much encouragement to you as I’m sure you will be to me. 🙂


    • Renee,

      First off congrats on your success! 53 is an impressive number! I hear you on the toughness of the journey. I am stalled a bit right now at 220, and have been struggling with refining my habits. Your comment just picked me up today! Thanks for sharing. I needed a positive shot in the arm and you gave it to me today. Thanks so much!

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